Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Day two of the blog: (said in a geordie accent befitting that bloke from Big Brother)

Not much to report today as I've been at work, however,yesterday I bought some new paint and glittery bits and bobs that I am itching to open, so in the next few days there may be some interesting happenings. For now, I'll simply post another recent painting, although there are stil plenty more to upload...One thing at a time, I wouldn't want to get ahead of myself...

Monday, 22 February 2010

Latest news:
My painting 'Unrolling a Deep Promise' Is currently on display at Nottingham Castle, as part of the nottingham Open Exhibition. Click on the link below for details.


New day, New blog....

Well well, In these technologically enlightened times where you are no one if you don't have an i phone, a new fangled laptop, wifi, blu tooth and a big headache from dealing with the said technology, I have decided to create a blog, not to discuss Eastenders or what I had for tea, but instead to offer some small insight into my studio, my paintings and my plans for 2010. I hope to list my up coming shows, commissions and paintings in progress. There should be many a lovely picture for you to peruse and I do hope you enjoy following my work.