Saturday, 20 March 2010

An anxious wait on thursday yeilded my two new frames, delivered by the UPS man who disturbingly knew who I was and thankfully delivered them to my place, even though the dude from manchester who posted them had put down my house number as 6 instead of 4. Clearly I am getting some renown, even if it is from the italian delivery guy who can't say my name.

Anyway, one of them is now stretched and ready to prime, so my mission for tomorrow evening is to get it ready to paint on on monday... When I get a day off work.
the other one will have to wait, one thing at a time, but I'm now getting itchy fingers and want to get cracking, roll on monday!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Well, today was filled with good intentions, but I didn't actually get much done, so I have set myself the ambitious idea of getting to the studio for 7 o'clock tomorrow. I'd like to say that this is all down to my over active desire to fling some paint around, but largely it is because of parking...
For some unknown reason, all available parking spaces on the street surrounding my studio are full by 7.30am every weekday and remain that way until 5pm, so if I have to lug anything heavy, it's 7am or bust. Tomorrow I have to lug a very large over-head projector which I dragged back from Manchester last week, plus all the painting goodies I have accumulated over the last few weeks. So I'll be yawning my way there early. Hopefully. Unless the snooze button calls like it did this morning.... Fingers Crossed.