Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Studio build progresses

A Quick update on the studio build... Well over half way done, perhaps just one more evening of building to finish it off. Tonight, we rest, because Rob is tired and I have a cold, and frankly it's time to have a night off! My creeping worry now however is that I only have 3 more days to be out of my old studio and there is still one car load and a couple of walking trips required to shift 4 rather large canvases down to the new place. I say down because it's downhill all the way. There's something to be thankful for at least. Still, we're nearly there and it will be worth it in the end. The space is actually feeling rather big now it has been defined, although this picture fails to show it, it is in fact 14 feet long and nearly 8 feet wide. More than enough room for little old me anyway.
In progress picture attached.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The studio build has commenced! After a quick trip to HSS hire that is. Turns out my cheap Argos drill just doesn't cut it when attempting to drill into brickwork, so one hefty hammer action drill later and we have progress. Aided by my glamorous (and somewhat stronger and taller) assistant Rob, who turned into Superman for the evening, we now have wall batons and floor beams in place, and very sturdy they are too I might add.
For clarity I attach a before image in which you can see the other artist's spaces on either side of me, and may understand why I want to build walls to keep it all out. We're based in an old factory, which in fairness as with so many of these type of place, has seen better days, in that the walls and ceiling are a bit worse for wear, but it contains twenty five very nice arty types and I'm very much looking forward to moving in officially.

Today = day of rest, both for me and Rob, who in fairness has done most of the hard work so far, except he was at work when the delivery guys arrived with all the wood and panelling. We had to shift it all up 25 steps to get it in. They weren't happy. They were sweaty and red faced.
And so was I.

Still onwards and upwards, for tomorrow it continues. We should actually see some walls appearing all going well.
Til then.......

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

T Minus 6 days until all the gear arrives to build my new studio.. Quite a daunting task actually, to build what is now being referred to as 'Vicki's cube of Pain' (no dodgy references intended) It involves lots of timber and 8 foot x 4 foot chipboard panels, LOTS of measuring and drilling etc, but thankfully no cutting because B&Q are doing that for me. For free I might add, the powers of batting your eyelashes at the boy placing the order. Not that I would decend to such feminine tricks of course....
Anyway, before and after pictures to follow as and when I suceed/fail miserably. However, I'm going for success for now as I feel strangely optimistic so far and am just concentrating on how good it's going to be in the end. Fingers crossed.