Wednesday, 26 May 2010


The last few days have been pretty eventful. There I was on my day off cheerfully stretching my nice new canvas, when I found out that my studio is closing down at the end of July. It's a real shame as they're a good bunch who run it, but they have other commitments and can't keep it up anymore.. So tonight I went to check out a new studio, a tad further away, which seems pretty good... Nice people and more of them that at my current place which is good. The space was a little disorganised, but hey, I guess that's the nature of 25 arty people all in one place. So fingers crossed I can update with a studio move very soon...meanwhile, that canvas may have to stay unpainted for a while...

Monday, 17 May 2010

Back on track

After a good month off, I finally went back to the studio today. I haven't really been feeling the painting vibe recently after finishing the previous works for the exhibition and Nottingham Open, so it was actually nice to feel the need to go back and get stuck in again. Perhaps seeing Neil Dawson painting live in the gallery yesterday inspired me? (thanks Neil!)
Anyway, a painting that I started weeks ago got a new lease of life today and is almost complete, and it has sparked the need to get my next canvas stretched and ready to go, however that takes a while so one thing at a time! New pic included....