Friday, 2 September 2011

Time Lapse Painting

Just a quick post tonight. I'm in the middle of painting a duo of pieces that will hopefully look great as a pair but stand alone too. Rob caught me in the early stages of one of them, when I was just laying down the initial colours and shapes, and snapped this time lapse video. Unfortunately, as I'm studio-less at the moment, I'm crouched on my living room floor with the painting propped up against the coffee table and cardboard everywhere! Still, thought you might like to see...

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Every time I blog, I start it with... 'It's been a while...' Well no more, I hereby start this blog with the pledge to post more often!! Life has got in the way a little bit recently, but I've been painting in between, working on some commissions and one that I may be hanging on to myself because I really like it! Which is unusual for me. Often on encountering my work weeks or months after completion I can't look at them! I had a piece in the Nottingham Open last year which I really liked, but when I saw it hanging in the gallery at the Castle I avoided it all night... Might just be me being weird?...
Anyway, 2 new canvases are on order and should land on Monday which are slightly smaller than my usual at 60cm square, but my studio can only hold so many big ones so I'm down sizing for a while. But I like working big so I may have to actually try to sell some so I can make more!

That's it for now as as of tomorrow I have four days in which I will be out of the studio visiting family, friends and taking in some Shakespeare don't you know. After that I'll be heading back into the studio and you should see more soon. I promised! I'll leave you with an image of the piece I might be keeping for myself, 'Where Angels Dare' Vx

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Back on it

It's been many weeks since I got anything productive done in the studio with one thing or another, but today I went and although no new painting commenced I cleared out all my junk and moved my desks around to make a much more functional space. Over all I feel pretty positive and like I can now get on.
So it's coming to the time of year where I seem to get more productive, the studio is no longer an icebox, longer days are here and the increased enthusiasm all round means that hopefully more work will follow. So any requests for commissions or anything, let me know! ;)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I've won an award! Kind of...

Big thanks to my friend Lucy and her blog Littlelostsoul for awarding me this rather fabulous and glitzy stylish blogger award! it's nice to know there are people enjoying my little posts.
Apparently the idea behind it is that when you receive one of these you link back to the person who awarded it to you, share seven things about yourself and link to 15 other deserving blogs and let them know you have done so!
However, since I am fairly new to this malarky, I don't yet have 15 other blogs to link to so I'll put that part on hold until I do.
My seven things however, I will attempt for you!

1. I hate the summer! The sticky horrible british summer combined with very pasty skin that burns easily and supercharged hayfever makes me long for September every year.

2. You'd no more get me on a rollercoaster than fly to the moon. I've tried; I failed and cried a lot!

3. As I'm getting older I'm turning to tea rather than alcohol.

4. My favourite smells are lemons, bacon frying, fresh coffee, clean sheets, distilled turpentine, the garden when it's raining, pencil lead (odd?) warm chocolate brownies, Lush shops and oil paint.

5. My Studio is affectionaly referred to as 'The Cube of Pain' owing to it's difficulty in design, construction and cost to build!

6. I'm soon to be an auntie again, something I'm very excited about!

7. I like peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Hey, don't knock it til you try it!

Vic x

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Good Day

Today has been pretty productive, made a start on 4 new panels and a lot of progress on the base painting of a canvas that has been calling my name for a while. The studio was warmer than it has been for a while and it doesn't half help!
I have some time off work coming up so am looking forward to getting all of these pieces finished very soon! Images to follow as and when, for now, here's my lovely sunny studio taken today.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

OPEM Open East Midlands

Just a quick one to let you know that I have a piece of work showing at The Collection in Lincoln from Saturday the 5th, along with a collection of other artists as part of this new Open competiion which showcases artists from all over the east midlands region. I'm really looking forward to the Private view tomorrow and who knows, I could win a prize!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

New images of work

Just a short one today, just had confirmation that my profile on the OKYA artists online collective has now gone live. You can find me by going to www.vickilawson.co.uk
Images are in the early stage, but hopefully will be improved soon. It's a stop gap until I can get my own website together, but there are some other good artists on there too. Check it out!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

First blog of 2011!

Well Hello again, it's been a while!
I can't say I have been the most productive over the winter period, with a freezing studio which suffered from frozen pipes a fair bit, and a general desire to stay at home and eat Christmas cake, my painting has definitely slipped a bit. However, over the last few weeks I have ventured back in, and spent a few pleasant hours yesterday priming four new boards to work on in four rather vivid and garish colours. So general feelings of progress are starting to bubble again, and I am aiming to go to the opening of the new show at my studio tomorrow night which should be good too.
In other news, my work will be appearing in the OPEM (Open East Midlands) show at The Collection in Lincoln, opening on Friday the 4th of Feb, along with some other great artists, so things are on the up! Hopefully will have more to come soon. x