Monday, 30 January 2012

A little Challenge

Every post I make seems to start with 'So it's been a while'.. My new New Years resolution must be to blog more! 2011 has actually been a bit of an artistic black hole for me with one thing or another.

Those who know me will be aware of the family trauma's we've had, and so every day off work has been spent travelling and hospital visiting rather than painting. However, fingers crossed that that period is coming to a close, due to the ongoing recovery of said family member, and so I have set myself a bit of a challenge to get myself motivated. Not just to blog more, oh no! To paint an entry to submit into the prestigious John Moore's painting prize again this year. No pressure or anything, I've got til the 6th of February to submit my images... And I've paid £25 for the priviledge of submitting, so I'd better get on with it!

The temptation of the £25k top prize is too much to resist, along with the prestige of being in what is one of the biggest painting prizes in the uk....
So watch this space. I will post the pictures up soon, hopefully before the 6th of feb!!

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